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Auto Repair In Lake St Louis,MO

Car Repair in Lake St. Louis, MO

We are there as an Automotive repair service that your automobile needs on high priority. We have come to service you, in your neighborhood Lake St. Louis, MO, right from our Auto Repair Shop in St. Peters, MO. We will help you with your auto repair needs, in Lake St. Louis. Your car needs maintenance and the love that you can give it. Your automobile is the only way you can get to work on time, or to even pick your little ones from school, or even go on for long drives and/or a family vacation trip (solo trips as well).

Why consider HI-TECH Automotive best Auto Repair service provider in Lake St. Louis,MO?

Why not service your automobile to the fullest and enjoy such small takeaways of happiness?

If you live in Lake St. Louis, MO, HI-TECH Automotive wishes to be at the top of your mind for automotive repair and service. 

  • If you’re new to Lake St. Louis, MO.
  • If you’re looking for an alternative to expensive dealership service, repair, and maintenance.
  • We are your trusted automotive repair service that your automobile needs. Our garage is located in St. Peters with 15-20 minute-distance from your location, Lake St. Louis. We have a great staff of auto mechanics and car specialists who have a deep love for all types of vehicles, cars, and trucks. Our extensive knowledge and expertise make HI-TECH Automotive the best for your car repair and maintenance service.

Why Consider HI-TECH Automotive For car repair in Lake St. Louis,MO?

  • Certified automobile professionals
  • Advanced tools and technologies
  • Quick priority repair service
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Affordable and transparent quotes
  • Free inspection & maintenance with Paid Service
  • Additional discounts of up to 10%

Vehicle Inspection in Lake St. Louis,MO

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, a vehicle inspection could save you thousands of dollars in future repairs. Typically, multi-point inspections are complimentary with most maintenance services, inspecting fluid levels, filters, tires and more. You should get a vehicle inspection when:

  • Before or after any long road trips
  • Don’t remember last scheduled maintenance date
  • Before purchasing a pre-owned vehicle
  • Any dashboard lights are illuminated

Our professionals at HI-TECH Automotive will inspect your vehicle with a trained eye to ensure all safety measures while on the road. 

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Auto Air Conditioning Service & Repair in Lake St. Louis,MO

The auto air conditioning system is a critical component of your vehicle, especially in these deadly summers. For perfect cooling and ventilation, you must get your auto/car air-conditioner servicing and repair. It ensures that you and your passengers can stay cool during the warmer days. We’ll also make sure that all the features of your auto air conditioning system work properly as per your vehicle’s model such as dehumidifying, air filtering, and defrosting. 

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Oil Change Service in Lake St. Louis,MO

Get high-quality oil change service near you. We use Valvoline’s Restore & Protect Oil which is the best motor oil (GF-6 qualified) for any vehicle of any age.  It gives 79% stronger anti-wear protection, better fuel efficiency, and actively restores engine cleanliness. We offer a full-service oil change in Lake St. Louis with best practices and techniques. The oil in your engine not only lubricates the moving parts in your engine but also helps move heat away from the engine. If the oil gets too dirty, it could actually damage your vehicle. You can stop the excessive wear and tear on your engine by getting an oil change every 3 months or 3,000 miles and following our vehicle expert’s recommendation. 

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Transmission Service & Repair in Lake St. Louis,MO

Transmission problems can be a driver's worst nightmare, often leading to costly repairs. That's why our transmission service & repair in Lake St. Louis is designed to provide affordable, high-value solutions that won't break the bank. Your vehicle's transmission is a complex system of gears, responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels and ultimately determining your speed. It also delivers high torque at low speeds and intelligently selects the appropriate gear for various driving conditions. As your trusted car repair specialists, we perform a range of required maintenance tasks to keep your transmission running smoothly such as:

  • Fluid flush and replacement
  • Refill automatic transmission fluids (ATF)
  • Filter replacement
  • Band and linkage adjustments
  • Seal and gasket inspection
  • Overall inspection

When fluids aren't properly changed, heat caused by mileage friction results in rough shifting, accelerated wear, and even complete failure. That's why it is essential to perform a routine schedule for the car’s transmission system.

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Brake Service & Repair in Lake St. Louis,MO

Your safety is our top priority at HI-TECH Automotive. Because your vehicle's brake system is critical for safe driving, we recommend immediate service if you notice any warning signs like warning lights on the dashboard, grinding noises when braking, increased stopping distance, and vibrations in the brake pedal. Don't wait! Call us now at (636) 928-6050 or visit our St. Peters location for a comprehensive brake system diagnosis and repair. For your peace of mind, our brake service & repair in Lake St. Louis follows high-standard maintenance service, including:

  • Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)
  • Brake Fluid Flushes 
  • Brake Pad & Shoe Replacement 
  • Caliper Replacement 
  • Resurface Rotors and Drums

Steering & Suspension Service & Repair in Lake St. Louis,MO

Your steering and suspension systems must receive regular maintenance for safe, controlled, and smooth driving. If either system fails, you may lose control of your vehicle, creating a dangerous situation. Our professional team stays active and aware of minor to minor steering issues that can cause future failure. The team of HI-TECH Automotive is highly skilled and trained for quality steering & suspension repair for Lake St. Louis. We’re eagerly waiting to help you. 

Our technicians are friendly and approachable for any kind of vehicle service & repair. We are always delighted to work with you and give the best service possible. 

You can schedule an appointment online today or call us at (636) 928-6050.

We offer a wide range of services in Lake St. Louis including, vehicle inspection, auto ac repair, oil change, transmission service, brake system repair, steering & suspension service, and much more.

Experience the quality auto repair services and become a part of our HI-TECH Automotive family!