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Auto Repair in Weldon Springs, MO

Car Repair in Weldon Springs, MO

What is the one concern that you have as a vehicle owner? Are you concerned if

What is the one concern that you have as a vehicle owner? Are you concerned if your vehicle would perform for a long-time span? Is your vehicle’s air conditioning working properly since the summers are here? Are you aware that when your vehicle requires oil change? Inspection of your gearbox and transmission devices of your car? Is your steering and suspension working alright? We, HI-TECH Automotive, have all the answers to your questions. We are experts in Auto repair for Weldon Spring, Missouri residents.

Why HI-TECH provides the best automotive repair services for Weldon Spring MO

Weldon Spring residents, you have come to the right place. We are here to listen to your automotive repair concerns in Weldon Spring. Our auto repair shop, in St. Peters is clean and aesthetically built to service your vehicle service needs. 

We specialize in:

Vehicle Inspection in Weldon Spring, MO

Early detection of possible vehicle problems and saving time and money on the road can be achieved by a vehicle inspection, for the Weldon Spring, MO residents. We've got a variety of vehicle inspections at our disposal. To determine whether your vehicle is safe for road use, our service staff use a series of quality checks during each inspection. Inspections of vehicles help regulate the correct maintenance of cars. Furthermore, it contributes to the safe conditions of driving. Before the driver renews his or her driving license, or when a vehicle is sold and transferred, it may be necessary to carry out an inspection every year. Our vehicle inspectors prioritize two things: making sure the vehicle is in good condition and suitable for driving on highways. They conduct all inspections in accordance with regulations set by authorities. Upon completion, we may also give drivers a comprehensive checklist of approved items.

Auto Air Conditioning Service & Repair in Weldon Spring, MO

Is car air conditioning very important? Yes indeed it’s more than that. It’s what keeps you cool in your car during the summer months. Still there is more to it than meets the eye. During winter, on those cold days, it clears fog from windows. Remember, it also purifies air inside so that we breathe clean air free from pollutants and dust particles while driving. Your auto vehicle’s ac system is way cooler than you may have thought – it grabs the hot air, cools it down, removes any additional moisture and cleans out contaminants. This is how it pushes chilly, refreshing air into the cabin space through the vents for you to enjoy. Freon, the refrigerant, undergoes several stages of operation – from becoming cool to finally reaching the vent as cold air. Hence, it is important to get your auto air ac repair done, before you set out for a drive in Weldon Spring, MO, or even for a vacation with your friends or family.

Oil Change (We use Valvoline ‘Restore & Protect’ Oil)in Weldon Spring, MO

Engine oil lubricates the car’s engine allowing it to run smoothly and last longer. Car owners have to maintain their engines by changing oils as well as using those which are specifically meant for their make and model. There is a light labeled “check oil” on every automobile alongside an oil filter located under the bonnet. With these two components drivers can monitor levels themselves and top up if necessary. The “check engine oil” light coming on while driving means the car is low on oil. However, if the oil light stays on, or comes on again shortly after adding more oil, there could be a leak and it needs to be seen by a mechanic. It’s time to get your oil change service taken from us. Weldon Springs residents, you are in luck! We, HI-TECH Automotive, are here to service you. We use Valvoline’s Restore & Protect Oil for your vehicle needs.

Transmission Service & Repair in Weldon Spring, MO 

Your Weldon Springs, MO vehicle transmission also needs regular servicing just like any other part of your engine system does too. When we at HI-TECH Automotive on servicing this particular area for you, these are some few things that happen:

  • Remove and inspect the pan
  • Clean or replace the screen
  • Clean the pan
  • Reinstall the pan
  • Install a new gasket
  • Replace old transmission fluid with new, high quality fluid
  • Make any additional needed changes and adjustments

What usually happens when experts such as ours replace old fluids found inside vehicles’ transmissions systems with new ones? By doing so they effectively breathe life back into them which had been long gone due to continuous use over extended periods without proper maintenance being carried out frequently enough if at all anytime soon since their installation or last servicing date.

Brake Service & Repair in Weldon Spring, MO 

When you are considering brake service & repairs in Weldon Springs, MO, we understand that there is nothing more important than your time. Our team of brake and auto repair experts will see to it that when your car leaves here everything is right with the world for you, and it doesn't cost an arm or a leg either! Bring your car to our HI-TECH Automotive auto repair shop in St. Peters, where we will inspect the brake system of your vehicle. 

If during our examination we find any signs of wear, harm, or trouble, our car service substitutes these parts with new ones:

  • Replacing used brake pads and shoes
  • When necessary, repack wheel bearings
  • Lubricating components as per manufacturer’s instruction
  • Refacing rotors and drums (they might have to be replaced if heavily worn)
  • Depending on what is found during inspection, other related parts are changed too
  • Drain old brake fluid from the system and add new fluid 
  • Adjust handbrake to ensure that rear brakes do not drag when 

Steering & Suspension Service & Repair in Weldon Spring, MO 

For stable road handling, steering control and general car control the steering and suspension systems should be serviced regularly. The suspension system holds up the body of the car, keeps the tires in contact with the road and provides a smooth, stable ride for the occupants by absorbing bumps and other imperfections in the road surface which is achieved through shock absorbers. We pride ourselves in ensuring that you have an affordable solution by offering expert services on steering & suspensions at HI-TECH Automotive so as to give you secure driving experience. Those in Weldon Spring, MO, come to us for Steering & Suspension Service & Repair. We are just a few miles away.

Which of the above car repair services are you looking forward to? You can always schedule a call with us at (636) 928-6050 or  schedule an appointment online. Though, you can also walk-in on us, at our Auto Repair Shop in St. Peters. We are located a few miles away from your residential area, Weldon Springs, MO. HI-TECH Automotive is one of the customer-friendly car repair shops based in St. Peters. Let’s service your automobile to the best!

HI-TECH Automotive is proud to connect with the residents of Weldon Spring, MO for the car repair services of Vehicle Inspection, Auto Air Conditioning Servicing & Repair, Oil Change, Transmission Service & Repair, Brake Service & Repair, and Steering & Suspension Service & Repair.