steering wheel of a car

Steering and Suspension

HI-TECH AUTOMOTIVE Auto Repair Shop in St. Peters, MO

Steering and handling performance are what set good quality cars from others of lesser quality. With the right service and maintenance, even the highest model can become worn down and lose its driving comfort and quality. The suspension and steering of your vehicle directly dictates the handling capabilities of the vehicle, which are important for both your comfort and your safety.

If a car does not handle well, it can make it difficult for you to drive it safely, putting yourself and others in danger. Your suspension and steering systems include shocks, springs, alignment systems, steering parts, and other suspension components, which work together to create a comfortable and safe driving system. At HI-TECH Automotive, we can give your vehicle the steering and suspension services it needs.

Maintenance, repairs and services include:

  • Inspection of shocks, struts & springs to uncover wear-down or damage
  • Steering realignment
  • Replacement of worn, damaged, or absent parts

Oftentimes, work done on a steering or suspension system can result in the skewing of the vehicle’s wheel alignment. You may not always notice when the alignment is off, but it can slowly wear down important components on the suspension. That is why it is important to seek out routine wheel alignment from trusted technicians. The job is quick with immediate improvement on the car’s handling performance.


When your vehicle is in need of steering or suspension repair, it is important that you seek out experienced technicians to address the problem. A mistake in the service can result in permanent damage to your car and place your safety in danger. The service technicians at HI-TECH Automotive are ASE Certified and have over 100 years of combined experience in the field. Our mission is to provide honest, reliable, and professional quality service to the vehicles in our community so that we can have the peace of mind knowing that our customers are driving safe cars. To request an appointment for steering and suspension service on your car or truck, call us at (636) 928-6050 today! We look forward to hearing from you.