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Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Inspections in St. Peters and St. Charles, MO


Automobiles are complex machines. There is a myriad of different components, belts, gears, and cylinders that must all function correctly by themselves in order for the engine to work right as a whole. Many times, there may be an underlying issue that does not necessarily cause any problems right away, but that can be wearing down the engine as a whole underneath. These types of problems may never be uncovered until it is far too late unless the vehicle undergoes routine inspection by an experienced technician.

At HI-TECH Automotive, our mission is to make sure our customers are driving safe, clean, and efficient cars. That is why we provide complimentary vehicle inspections with every service appointment, regardless of the initial purpose of the service. Even if there is no major issue, this allows us to provide preventative maintenance so the lifespan of your car is preserved and you avoid major problems in the future.


Many in the industry of automotive service and repair try to increase their own revenue by recommending services that are not required or by overcharging for simple tasks. At HI-TECH Automotive, we are confident enough in our business and reputation not to need such shady tactics. The diagnoses you receive from our vehicle inspections are always honest and we only recommend that which, through our expertise, we believe is important to your safety and your car’s health. To learn more about the importance of vehicle inspections or to request an appointment, contact us today at (636) 928-6050.