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Auto Repair in Wentzville, MO

Car Repair in Wentzville, MO

Auto repair for Wentzville, MO residents must be taken care of in a tension-free way. Auto repairs are always a part of your life if you own automobiles, trucks or even fleets! One cannot run from it. Your automobiles and other vehicle kinds need love and attention, and with auto repairs for Wentzville, MO, you can provide the same. For car repair service for Wentzville, HI-TECH Automotive, is there to service your auto repair needs!

Why HI-TECH is recommended as a best car repair service provider in Wentzville,MO 

What’s that weird odor? Oil leakage happening? The radiator giving you the squeaky sounds? Uh-Oh! You need an oil change and a proper vehicle inspection to see what car repairs can be done for the Wentzville localites. We work with Valvoline’s Restore and Protect oil! Authenticity guaranteed, Transparency warranted! We match customer expectations with ours and provide a seamless experience altogether. After all, HI-TECH Automotive is customer-oriented and offers quality and transparent services for our customers.

We specialize in:

Vehicle Inspection in Wentzville, MO:

A vehicle inspection can save you plenty of time and money by catching problems while they're still in their early stages. Our team is more than prepared to handle a variety of vehicle inspections. Every time we inspect your vehicle, our service team is going to follow a series of quality checkpoints to make sure that your vehicle should be considered safe for highway use. Should your vehicle fail to meet the standards of one of our quality checkpoints, you may be able to get a retest, based on the regulations that your area has set up to supervise vehicle inspections. If you would like to know more about our vehicle inspections for you at Wentzville, MO, or you are ready to set an appointment, you can contact us online or by telephone.

Auto Air Conditioning Service & Repair in Wentzville, MO:

Are you aware that your air conditioning belt operates many other things in your vehicle? This means a broken belt could potentially be a more serious problem than just a hot ride. Our experts at HI-TECH Automotive have got it all under control, from a simple re-charge of refrigerant or maybe installing a new compressor. You can be assured your vehicle will keep you cool and safe, with our auto ac repairs, for Wentzville, MO. 

Depending on the inspection results, the system is then serviced to assure proper operation. This may include:

  • Evacuation  of the refrigerant in the system
  • Recharge of the system with proper refrigerant to the exact system capacity according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications
  • Proper service to the compressor, evaporator, condenser, and electrical controls
  • Re-inspection of the system to ensure proper operation.

Oil Change (We use Valvoline ‘Restore & Protect’ Oil) in Wentzville, MO:

Keep your engine healthy and running longer by maintaining regular services for an oil change at HI-TECH Automotive. Perhaps one of the more crucial preventive maintenance services, oil changes help to lubricate the moving components of an engine, which shall be described below during its operation. As operation is carried out, engine oil naturally accumulates dirty particulates, dust, and dirt from the environment. Luckily, the oil and oil filter in a car are protective measures; they collect all this dirt, preventing it from entering the engine. You must have regular oil changes every 5000 to 7000 miles. Yet, for much older vehicles, you must come to us every 3000 miles, for an oil change with our Valvoline’s Restore & Protect Oil. We are more than happy to get your vehicle’s oil changes done for Wentzville, MO residents. 

Transmission Service & Repair in Wentzville, MO:

Have your transmission repair or replacement done by our expert mechanics. We do all transmission services:

  • Transmission fluid exchange
  • Transmission rebuilds
  • Transmission swaps
  • Transmission diagnostics

The fact is that today's vehicles are more complex and computer-controlled; it takes a transmission expert to be able to diagnose a transmission problem correctly. We check all vehicles thoroughly while they're in our shop at St. Peters. While checking your fluids, we ensure all levels are good and the fluid is not burnt. Normal fluid is red with a hint of brown, with no odor of being burnt. It’s one good reason to come to HI-TECH Automotive for a transmission service & repair for Wentzville auto vehicle owners.

Brake Service & Repair in Wentzville, MO:

We will fix your old brakes or if you need new brakes, let us replace them for you. We assure that your car, with the brake service & repair for Wentzville, MO  habitants, will be at its maximum potential when stopping, keeping your family out of harm's way.

Signs you should bring your car for repair:  

  • Grinding or screeching sound, from the brakes, when you come to a stop – an indication of your brake pads being worn down, and it may be time for a pad replacement.
  • Mushy brake pedal upon pressure — clearly showing signs of brake problem with your master cylinder.
  • Vibrating steering wheel & shaky car — a sign to replace the rotors or pads.
  • Leaking brake fluid — if you notice a leak, it’s a warning sign to get the brakes service & repair done. Your brakes need brake fluid to create hydraulic pressure and come to a stop, so if you notice a leak, come in to get your brakes serviced.

Steering & Suspension Service & Repair in Wentzville, MO:

Receiving proper steering and suspension services can save you money in the long run. It's one step in eliminating uneven and premature tire wear due to poor alignment. Our ASE-certified technicians will make a complete vehicle evaluation, including an inspection of the struts, shocks, and springs to spot any signs of wear or damage. From the results of the evaluation, we will prepare an all-inclusive repair plan for you and discuss all options, be it replacing or repairing certain parts, for you to approve the entire process beforehand. Certain replacements of parts within the steering and suspension system often warrant a change to the vehicle's wheel alignment, so we always recommend wheel alignment with any Steering & Suspension service & repair. 

It’s best to try us out! You would keep coming in for more! For top notch Auto Repair for Wentzville residents, HI-TECH Automotive is on your mind! You can always schedule a call with us or visit our website to secure an appointment. Though, you can also walk-in on us, at our Auto Repair Shop in St. Peters, for Wentzville, MO. 

Wentzville, MO residents, our services of Vehicle Inspection, Auto Air-Conditioning & Repair, Oil Change, Transmission Service & Repair, Brake Service & Repair, and Steering & Suspension Service & Repair will create a smile on your face. 

You can schedule an appointment online today or call us at (636) 928-6050.