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Oil Change

Oil Change in St. Peters & St. Charles, MO


Oil changes are the most common maintenance service for vehicles. Motor oil is responsible for lubricating the most important components of the engine, allowing them to pass through each other with limited friction. Because of the chemistry in the makeup of motor oil, it is naturally susceptible to becoming contaminated and this can cause both immediate and permanent damage to the engine of the vehicle.

It is recommended that an automobile’s motor oil be changed, along with its filter, about every 3,000 miles or approximately three months. However, there are specific recommendations for each vehicle model in the car owner’s manual. These recommendations should not be brushed aside. If left unattended, old motor oil can jeopardize your engine’s health and lead to dangerous situations, especially if you drive in severe conditions often. For the purposes of your own safety, severe driving conditions are considered to include:

  • Stop-and-Go Traffic
  • Frequent Short Trips
  • Long Periods of Idling
  • Dusty or Dirty Air
  • Towing Heavy Items
  • Driving in Cold Weather

Motor oil can accumulate contaminants that will eventually cause your car to work less efficiently and even permanently damage the engine. Contaminants are gathered over time from the air and even the engine, including dust, metal shavings, and antifreeze. If left unchanged for long enough, certain additives in the motor oil itself can also turn into contaminants. This process will cause the oil to turn into a sludgy material, sticking to parts of the engine where it should be lubricating them, which can lead to engine failure.


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