Brake Safety

Repairing the vehicleIt’s finally feeling like winter, and many of us are turning our attention to tires and brakes to make sure everything is in working order to keep us safe on winter roadways as we make our way to Grandma’s house or just back and forth to school and work.

The First Step

Most of us don’t know when our brakes systems are starting to break down, so it’s important to have your mechanic inspect your brakes. This is especially true if you are back to driving more frequently and haven’t had an inspection lately.

Warning Signs

  1. Pulling and Harder Brake PressureHave you noticed that you have to apply more pressure to the pedal to achieve the same braking? Or is your vehicle starting to pull slighting to one side or the other when you brake? These signs can worsen over time, leading to dangerous driving situations.
  2. VibrationDoes your steering wheel vibrate going down hills or when braking at higher speeds? This is another warning sign that could indicate damaged or warped rotors.
  3. Loud SoundsIf you hear grinding sounds when you brake, it could indicate it’s time to replace your brake pads. Not replacing the pads when it’s needed can lead to damaging the rotors, which is a serious safety concern.

So if you want to avoid costly repairs “down the road”, be sure to have your brakes checked at HI-TECH Automotive. We’ll keep your vehicle running smoothly and more importantly, safely.

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